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Poetry is what I have been writing for years. I enjoy writing poetry. I enjoy indulging in poetry wars! Poetry is not just another form of expression for me; it’s a lot more. It is what boosted my passion for creative writing years ago. It is what I’ve used mostly to express my past struggles with being an introvert. It is something I can never get tired of. Poetry is everything beautiful ❤

Here’s a list of my poetry collection on this blog:

Pain     A waste of time     Alone     Warning     Magic     Maybe One Day.   Left My Window Open     Fly    Thwart   Potion  Boy with chipped teeth.   She’s getting stronger.   I hope    Alien   Beauty   Colours   Different   Escape   Food.   Game   House   Island.  Jigsaw   Kite   Laughter   Money   Negative   Obligation    Plastic   Quiet.  Rules   Sharpener   Trees.  Untidy   Vampire   Wordless.  Xerox.   Yesterday

Real Opinions

My writing is majorly influenced by my obsession with the idea of self-love. I’d call myself very expressive when it comes to talking about my opinions; I don’t like sugarcoating them. I believe in practical facts and honest views. I believe that nobody should be made to feel inferior or made to realise that they are not ‘good enough’. My real opinions are all about what I believe in. Here’s a list of everything I’ve written so far:

For girls who believe they’re not pretty

How To Be Happy Being Single

To That Stranger

Everything life has taught me about keeping expectations

Life and death

Changes I’d like to see on the Internet

A note to fellow Indians

A light, heartwarming incident


About Me

Welcome to Tokens Of Expression.

What you must know about me above everything else is that I am a lover of uniqueness and oddities. I don’t judge people for being different from others; I admire them for standing out. I am not ashamed of my weaknesses; I joke about my flaws. Honest and blunt to an extreme limit. Last, but most importantly, I am proud of who I am and that pretty much sums it all.

(I love talking about myself, if that was not obvious already!)

If you are visiting my blog for the first time and this is the page you’ve opened, I’ll tell you what my site is about. It has a collection of short stories, prompt writings, poetry and my real opinions on various topics.

I enjoy reading, writing, travelling, exploring places and getting to know about different cultures.

Inspiration comes in different shapes and sizes; mine comes when I’m fiercely trying to concentrate into something of more moment, especially an exam and then ideas come knocking into my mind, to distract or motivate; I can never know.

Other than writing, I am pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finance.

Read here the- 12 Things that make me different

Also, I am always looking for ideas to write about so if you have any specific theme to suggest, feel free to let me know through my contact page or comments box.

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